5 Tips To Help You Stay Fit In The Office

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Having a nine to five job can be tiring enough that by the end of the day, all you want to do is take a warm shower and go to bed early. You no longer have time or energy to hit the gym or even take a quick jog around the neighborhood. Before you know it, you’re out of shape and gaining weight. How can you burn calories when you don’t have the luxury of time? Here are five useful tips that will help you burn those calories and stay fit at the office.

1. Take the stairs


It’s tempting to use the elevator every time you need to go up or down, but taking the stairs is an excellent exercise. It’s good for your heart, too!

2. Bring your own snacks


Sometimes it’s so easy and convenient to just grab something from the office cafeteria or a vending machine. The problem is they’re usually not the healthiest of snacks. Bring fruit, vegetables, and/or snacks with whole grains in them with you  to work.

3. Go outdoors


Instead of having that meeting with your colleague in the conference room or in your cubicle, why not take a stroll outside and find a place where you can walk and talk at the same time. This way you burn calories and enjoy the fresh air too.

4. Load up on water


Ditch the coffee and soda, and drink lots of water instead. Enough of it will keep you feeling full for hours.

5. Workout while at work


Isometrics and other mini workouts can be done even behind your desk. Simple stretching and muscle squeezing can begin to burn calories away.

Staying reasonably fit isn’t as difficult as we often make it out to be in our heads, especially since you can do so many things to ensure you burn calories and keep your body healthy even when you have to go to the office everyday.