This Rescued Cow And Her Friends Will Give You All The Feels

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Cows are very gentle and sociable creatures who love to play and cuddle. They form strong bonds with other animals and are extremely intelligent. So when a friend of the Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary in Arkansas, went to a livestock auction, she immediately knew she had to rescue Moonpie, the baby miniature cow up for sale.

But Moonpie still depended on milk and was too small to brave the nasty weather in her new home. So Janice Wolf, the sanctuary’s owner, kept the calf inside along with her 12 dogs. Now, Moonpie thinks she’s just one of the gang!

Meet Moonpie, the miniature cow rescued by the Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary.

She was rescued from a livestock auction house and taken to the home of Janice Wolf.

There, she found company in Janice’s 12 dogs.

The dogs were thrilled to have Moonpie in their home.

Especially a deaf bull terrier named Spackle.

Spackle became Moonpie’s protector, never leaving her side.

 The calf mimicked the dogs, doing anything they did.

Including becoming house trained!

The dogs became surrogate mothers to the calf, cleaning her face and showing her all the love.

(via Izismile)

Moonpie’s story is not only heart-warming, but it’s one of acceptance and love. As she gets older, she’ll be able to meet the other cows and animals in the sanctuary, but for now, I’m sure she’s happiest hanging out in Wolf’s house, cuddled with her 12 best friends.