7 Tips To Make YOUR Long Distance Relationship Work

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Long-distance relationships can be very challenging. Being away from the person you love can often prevent you from spending quality time together. When others are able to come home after a long day at work and snuggle up with their significant other, those in long-distance relationships have to make the best out of a phone or Skype call.

Despite the longing for face-to-face time, distance is not always a recipe for failure. On the contrary, there are quite a few couples that have made the best of the distance, and are actually married today!  Below, you’ll find some very helpful and effective tips to help your long-distance relationship work.

1. Communicate regularly.


While you may not need to keep a conversation going throughout the day, it’s always best to check up with your partner every now and then. Shoot them a quick text letting them know you’re thinking about them despite your busy schedule, or call them every night for a recap of their day.

2. Spend quality time together.


Just because the two of you have distance standing in your way does not mean you can’t spend quality time together! Some of the best memories can come from watching the same movie or show during a Skype call, or playing an online game together. These are great alternatives for feeling close to someone without them being physically present.

3. Remember: honesty is the best policy!


One of the most solid foundations of a lasting relationship is honesty, and this is especially true for any LDR. If you can’t be honest with your partner when he or she is far away, how will you be honest with them in person? Similarly, always expect them to be open and honest with you, too.

4. Connect with each other on social media.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are other ways to stay connected to each other. Here you can share photos and videos, and chat with your loved one. You’ll know what the other person has been up to, but avoid obsession and possessiveness! Trust is just as important as honesty.

5. Surprise each other.


Coming up with creative ideas to show your affection can be challenging but fun in a long-distance relationship. When you’re feeling extra sentimental, you can send your boyfriend or girlfriend a completely unexpected stuffed toy or sweet treat. Surprises can be fun!

6. Make time to visit each other!


Investing in your relationship is important, especially when there are many miles between the two of you. You may not always have the time or the money, but it is imperative that the two of you sacrifice for each other in order to make the relationship work. So maybe you don’t have to go all out on two tickets to Maui, but starting with a simple weekend or holiday trip is always a positive boost.

7. Avoid temptation.


Whether you like it or not, you are likely to attract people that are not your sweetheart. The best thing to do is learn the signs of situations that potentially damage your relationship, and avoid them altogether! Partying with your friends can sometimes lead to some tricky situations. Be sure not to lose control, and be wary of those around you.

Although there is no rule book for a relationship, these 7 tips can help you feel comfortable in your long-distance relationship. In fact, the basic ideas behind these are applicable to any relationship, not just long-distance relationships.