Chrissy Teigen’s Hilarious Response To The Death Of Kim Kardashian’s Phone

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Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian are known to be the best of friends. They have a lot in common, as they’re both extremely popular, wealthy, and regarded as being fashionable, among other things.

They share share so much in common that it’s no surprise that they’re almost inseparable. They’ve proven in the past to be the kind of friends who can always rely on each other through thick and thin. Just recently, Kim was devastated over the “death” of her Blackberry which she was still proudly using, despite being perhaps the last known person still using. Being the BFF that she is, Chrissy did the sweetest thing for her.

Kim and Chrissy are known to be BFFs.


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When Kim’s Blackberry died last week, she let the whole world knew how devastated she was.

It was obvious the reality star felt very sad about her loss.

The next day, Chrissy surprised her with a bouquet of flowers.



She also added a very sweet note for Kim.



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Who would’ve thought Chrissy could be such a good friend and simultaneously have such a clever sense of humor?