Your Dog Could Be Your Next Drinking Buddy Thanks To This New Wine

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You want to provide the best for your pets. You feed them well and take them to the vet for regular vaccines and check-ups. You might even spend more on their grooming than on your own haircut.

They’re your companion, but there are some things they just can’t do with you. Well, there’s good news. There’s now one more thing they can do with you, as there’s now a wine for dogs (there was already one for cats if you didn’t know). These animal wines are free from harmful ingredients like grapes and alcohol. Check them out.

Apollo Peak is known for their wine for cats.

Their wines have punny names like Moscato and Pinot Meow.

Just recently, they released wine for dogs.

As expected, they have punny names too like ZinfanTail and Chardognay.

The major components of the dog wines include brewed peppermint or chamomile which are used for their calming effect.

Chamomile is a known allergen among some dogs, but small amounts on occasion shouldn’t do any harm to them.

Now your dog can join you in your relaxing pastime.

(via 22Words)

Apollo Peak does recommend that you check with a vet before giving their products to your pets. Upon their approval, these flavorful wines may become your dog’s next best friend, second to you, of course.