After Trial And Error This Couple Came Up With THE PERFECT Renovation Idea

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Thanks in part to Pinterest, people across the globe have become quite fond of D.I.Y. projects. Why spend a lot of money for a professional to do simple repairs around the house, when you can gain the experience and tackle the job yourself?

One couple decided that their home could use a serious makeover. When Reddit user im_nobody_special and his wife tried their hand at home improvement, things got interesting. Check out what they did below:

One day, the pair decided to give their ceiling a D.I.Y. makeover.

The wife loved the idea of having a wood ceiling, so they tried their best to glue vinyl flooring to the ceiling. Unfortunately, the job proved to be a bit trickier than expected, and the wood tiles fell off shortly after.

The messy failure remained untouched for a few years.

Eventually, the couple agreed that it was finally time to do something about the eyesore in their home, so they tried again!

The second time around, the pair used laminated floor tiles.

They used construction glue  this time and nailed them to the ceiling.


After realizing glue was not enough, the couple used a nail gun to secure the tiles in place. Then, they put crown molding around the border for the final touch.

The finished product was gorgeous.

Here is the happy couple in their newly renovated room:

(via ViralNova)

After a failed attempt, this couple was finally able to create a long-lasting look that they’re happy with. We all know that wood floors can look great, but who knew that a wood-tiled ceiling could look so good?