This Wife Honeymooned Alone And Her Photos Will Make You LOL

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Married couples look forward to spending their honeymoon together. There’s nothing like spending a few days alone in a place where you can have fun, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, not all husbands and wives get their dream honeymoon. Sometimes, plans fall through, such as in this case, where the husband’s visa was denied, forcing him to stay behind. This didn’t stop his bride, however, from enjoying their honeymoon!

This is Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Butt from Lahore who tied the knot seven months ago.


Huma Mobin 

Mobin works as a Creative Manager at an ad agency, and her hubby is an architect.

second_honeymoon_02Huma Mobin

The couple loves to travel and on their second honeymoon, they decided to go to Greece. Unfortunately, Butt’s visa wasn’t granted.

Mobin had no choice but to go without her husband because they’d already paid for the trip.

second_honeymoon_04Huma Mobin 

She cried on the first night but her mom-in-law told her to make the best of it.


second_honeymoon_12Huma Mobin 

She went to all the places she planned on visiting with her husband.


second_honeymoon_06Huma Mobin

She never failed to make that sad face and took photos with her “imaginary” husband.   



second_honeymoon_07Huma Mobin 

It wasn’t exactly the honeymoon she wanted.

second_honeymoon_09Huma Mobin

According to her, she got the idea from her husband who took this photo when he went to Budapest without her after their engagement.

second_honeymoon_17Huma Mobin

( via Buzzfeed )

It’s a bummer to spend a honeymoon without the love of your life. But thanks to these photos, Huma Mobin showed just how much she missed her hubby and wished more than anything he was there with her.