1 Blissful Teacher Will Never Forget Her First Graders After This

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As a clever way to remember her students, this teacher in Oklahoma let her first graders draw all over her dress.

teacher lets kids create dressSha’Ree Castlebury


The photos she posted of it to her Facebook account have garnered over 60,000 shares!

ShaReeCastleburySha’Ree Castlebury


Sha’Ree Castlebury, from Lawton, OK is a wife, mother, and first grade school teacher. Each of the 5 years she’s been teaching, she’s tried to do something with her students to remember them by, but this year, she had a new idea for doing so. She allowed her class to take markers to her dress to create a memorable keepsake.

Castlebury said “I am known at my school [for] dressing crazy — they call me ‘Ma Frizzle’.” “So this was all uber exciting for me.”

She now plans to make this a yearly tradition, and says on day one of each new school year, she’ll wear the dress that the previous school year’s class made to make the students in the new class feel welcome. She has received a slew of messages of “support and encouragement” now that her story has gone viral.


She started things off by painting grass across the bottom of the plain white dress. She then let the kids draw on it for 2 weeks!

teacher lets kids create dressSha’Ree Castlebury


They dressed it (pun intended) from the collar down to the grass with artwork and their names, resulting in a unique keepsake that she’ll appreciate forever!

dressSha’Ree Castlebury


“One student while drawing even said, ‘We have to make this look good because she is going to wear it in public,’” Castlebury said. “It was so cute.”