Girlfriends Do These 7 Weird Things When You Aren’t Home

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A recent post at Thought Catalog revealed numerous odd things women admitted to doing when their live-in boyfriends aren’t home. BoredWon has picked the best (re: weirdest) ones to list here. Enjoy!

“Fart freely. If he’s around I’ll hold it in…unless I physically can’t, but even then, I try to make it a quiet one.” —Michelle

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“I eat really weird things that I’m too embarrassed to eat when he’s around, like graham crackers with yellow mustard. Yes, I’m aware that sounds absolutely disgusting, which is why I don’t eat it in front of him.” —Carlie



“When he’s not home I don’t flush. I could lie and say I’m trying to save water, but really I’m just lazy.” —Ally

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“I experiment with my makeup a lot when he’s not around. Contouring. I tried that when he wasn’t home, and I’m really glad I did, because I looked batshit crazy. I don’t know how those Kardashians do it.” —Amanda



“I stalk his Instagram, not in a creepy way like I want to know what he’s up to, in a creepy way like I think he’s the cutest human being on this earth. When he’s home I can’t creepily look at photos of him, that would just be weird.” —Nora



“If I have a pimple, I pop it, and usually it takes me a while.” —Ashley



“I pee without closing the bathroom door.” —Jacqueline