You Will Be Utterly Appalled By What This Hospital Did To A Woman Who Had Just Given Birth

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Childbirth is often considered one of the most significant miracles of life. Expectant mothers and fathers wait months to finally see the bundle of joy that they created together, and it is one of the most tiring, yet amazing experiences.

In order to prepare for the coming of a child, these new parents have regular check-ups with a prenatal doctor. These doctors help the couple along the way by making sure both mother and child are healthy and fit, and assist them in figuring out when and where to deliver the baby along with other related logistics.

This woman was overjoyed when she went into labor, but what happened next is shocking!

Paula D’Amore never expected to deliver her baby girl in the backseat of a car.

The D’Amore’s made it to the parking lot of the Boca Raton Regional Hospital before their baby decided she couldn’t wait any longer, and her husband had already caught baby Daniella’s head by the time nurses arrived. Luckily, birth photographer Paulina Splechta was there to capture the moment.

The neonatologist ran a blood culture on their little angel.

Unfortunately for the couple, the results came back positive–a nurse failed to clean the baby prior to the test.

Daniella was admitted to the NICU for a day and had five rounds of antibiotics.

When the new parents were finally able to take their daughter home, they were in complete disbelief when they received their hospital bill.

The hospital charged her in full, despite the fact that the baby wasn’t actually delivered in the hospital.

The Boca Raton Hospital explained that the charges were a result of the three nurses and midwife that were sent to her aid. This still doesn’t explain why there was a $4,380 charge for the day the baby spent in the NICU when that was a result of a nurse’s mistake. Meanwhile, D’Amore says that she “should have just stayed home” for the delivery of her child.

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As unexpected and upsetting as the billing situation was for the pair, it is a true miracle that baby Daniella was born without complication!