This Goldfish Just had a $250 Surgery to Remove His Tumor

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Pets are considered family by many animal-loving people. So when this goldfish developed a tumor, the family immediately took him to the vet to undergo surgery.

Bob, the goldfish, developed a tumor on one of his fins that prevented him from swimming properly. The vet only had two options. One was to put Bob to sleep, and the other was to operate on him. They took the risk, and his tumor was removed successfully.

This is 20-year-old Bob the goldfish.

One day he was rushed by his owners to a vet because he couldn’t swim properly.

They noticed a lump in one of his fins.

His lump was surgically removed by Dr. Faye Bethell, a vet in Norfolk, England.

Bob is so small, the surgical team had to use micro-surgical equipment.

It was a complicated operation that lasted for 30 minutes.

The family paid $250 for his operation, and now he can swim again.


Bob is very lucky to have a family who loves and cares for him. Proving just how much they want him to be a continued part of their lives, they just spent $250 for his surgery.