This Company PRINTED A House In 24 Hours And It Cost Less Than $11,000

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Building a house typically takes months to accomplish, and it can cost a great deal of money. But what if you could have one built in just 24 hours, and the total cost just a little more than $10,000? For some, that would be a dream come true.

Just recently, a company called Apis Cor was able to print a house in one day using their mobile construction 3D printer. This machine can print buildings and the house they made in Russia is living proof that anything is possible.

This house was constructed by Apis Cor in just 24 hours.

The company used a mobile 3D construction printer to do the task.

The company specializes in 3D printing and used this specialty to construct a house.

Here’s the printer in action.

The result is pretty impressive for something that was done in a day!

It’s a quaint little place.

Perhaps the best part is that the cost was about $10,000.

It’s sturdy enough that its estimated lifespan is 175 years.

It’ll be interesting to see the future evolution of printing houses.

Consider some of the potential uses for this technology, such as building houses for refugees and the homeless.

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This new breakthrough could be the start of more houses being built for the less fortunate.