Little Girl Gives Up Her Birthday Party For THIS Touching Reason

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When little girls celebrate their sixth birthday, they often want something festive like a princess-themed birthday party complete with pink cakes, balloons, and other decor. But one little girl surprised her parents when she told them not to throw her a party.

Instead, she asked them to give whatever they would spend on her birthday party to help the homeless. So that’s what her parents did.

Armani Crews celebrated her birthday in the most touching way possible.

Artesha Smith-Crews

Instead of having a party, she decided to help the homeless in their area.

Artesha Smith-Crews

Their fellow church members heard of her plan and decided to help too.

There were 125 homeless people who showed up on her birthday.

Artesha Smith-Crews

Crews was more than happy to give them food and supplies.

Artesha Smith-Crews

They also gave away care kits which included a shaving razor, hand sanitizer, tissues, a toothbrush with toothpaste and more.

Artesha Smith-Crews

They also gave spaghetti, chicken and other food to the homeless.

Artesha Smith-Crews

(via LittleThings)

Crews displayed a great deal of selflessness and kindness at such a young age. Hopefully it would inspire others to think that way!