Italy Is Giving Away Free Castles And You Should Definitely Get One

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What would you do if you owned your very own castle? Recent news in Italy says that the country is actually giving away castles and other properties for free! However, there is a catch to this: Italy’s State Property Agency expects those awarded with the freebies to commit to restoring the property into a tourist attraction. New owners are being asked to turn the old buildings into spas, hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

Historic castles are scattered all over Italy.

The country is giving these castles away for free, as well as villas, inns and other rundown properties.

The State Property Agency expects that those awarded with a property will develop it within nine years.

They should transform these structures into tourist destinations.

Owners can turn the castles into restaurants, hotels, or spas.

The STA is hoping this initiative can boost tourism.

Italy wants to establish other tourist attractions aside from Venice.

Interested applicants may apply until June 26.

In case you don’t get a free castle during this application period, the agency plans to give more in the next two years.


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According to Robert Reggi of the State Property Agency, this project aims to boost tourism by converting these rundown buildings into gorgeous destinations for travelers. The winners will be given nine years to get started on their project and an additional nine years afterwards.