The Reason Why Cats Do That Cute Butt Shake Before Pouncing

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Cats are very interesting and funny pets who do a fair amount of weird things. They love chasing after objects, catching your attention, and doing silly tricks that make you laugh. If you have cats, you’re already familiar with their behavior by now.

However, have you ever noticed how cats shake their butt before they attack something, such as when they pounce on it? Most of us probably assume it’s just another amusing quirk that cats have, but there’s actually a good reason behind it. Here it is.

Have you ever noticed that cats shake their butt before pouncing?

This allows them to test their balance.

It helps elongate their body and transfer weight to their back paws, which allows them to sprint faster or make longer jumps.

If you see your cat shaking its butt, it’s in an instinctual hunting mode.

(via ViralNova)

Cats are known for their extraordinary sense of balance. They can walk on narrow objects and jump from tall structures without harming themselves. This butt shaking method is one of their tricks to doing so.