She May Not Have Won The Heart Of Her Crush But She Won The Hearts Of Millions

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How far are you willing to go to get noticed by your crush? It’s the 21st century and yes, women are now taking full control when it comes to initiating a relationship. After all, we are coming upon the modern days and nearly everyone is free to express their romantic interest. It was for this reason that Lizzy Fenton decided to make this incredibly witty and charming PowerPoint Presentation to show her crush what she was made of.

Meet Lizzy Fenton.

Her PowerPoint presentation is a full dating resume.

She’s the ideal girl for a serious relationship.

She has her ways of keeping her man loyal.

She also has pretty good…physical assets.

Lizzy is financially able to spoil her man.

She even has the right references.

Lizzy knows how to share and loves animals too.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the response she wanted.

(via BoredPanda)

Lizzy may not have gotten the response she wanted from her potential lover, but her presentation won the hearts of thousands as it went viral online. Hopefully, she’ll find someone who deserves her undying love and devotion.