Her Engagement Ring Was Right Under Her Nose For A Year And She Had No Idea

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Sometimes the most important part of a progressing relationship is the proposal of marriage. Future husbands and wives come up with some pretty incredible ways to pop the question. One woman named Anna got the surprise of her lifetime when her boyfriend of over two years finally proposed to her. As it turned out, Anna had been wearing her engagement ring for over a year without knowing it. How could she not know? Learn more below.

Terry and Anna had been dating since 2014.

On their anniversary, Terry made her a necklace from a Huon pine.

Anna wore the necklace almost everyday.

In November 2016, Terry finally proposed in Smoo Cave in Scotland.

Terry asked his girlfriend to borrow the necklace, and broke it open.

Anna was more than surprised to find the ring inside the wooden pendant all along.

Presently, they’re saving up for a house and lot where they’ll have their wedding.


(via HuffPost)

Terry’s proposal will go down in history as one of the most creative. It certainly seems that Terry knew Anna was the woman for him after a year of dating, which is super romantic. What do you think of this crafty proposal idea?