These 10 Giant Sculptures Made From Thousands Of Dahlias Will Completely Amaze You

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Every year, a flower parade is held in the Netherlands. It’s called “Corso Zundert”, and this year’s event was held last week. Volunteers form teams, and each team then builds a float out of flowers. The floats are then judged to determined which one was designed best.

There were 20 floats built this year from thousands of dahlias. The designs included everything from people to mystical beings, including a float named “Dangerous Transportation” which was a huge orange dragon that won the event.

The Netherlands celebrated their annual Corso Zundert Flower Parade on September 4.

Floats made of dahlias paraded the streets.

These floral floats were designed and made by teams of volunteers.

This year there were 20 floats.

There was an impressive lion.

There was a dragon made to look like it was being held in captivity. This float was the winner.

Another float looked like bees in a honeycomb.

There was one that featured foxes.

There were floats resembling people too.

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These gigantic flower sculptures display the creativity and unity of people in the Netherlands. They designed these beautiful floats made of dahlias which they paraded through town as one of the highlights of this year’s “Corso Zundert”.