10 Tested And Proven Flirting Techniques That Disney Movies Taught Us

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Who doesn’t grow up loving Disney movies? They were fantastic tales when you were a kid. You probably memorized the lines of the songs that the characters sang and sang along with them during each movie (not to mention sang them a few more times after the movie ended).

You fell in love with the princes or princesses and probably hoped for a Prince Charming or Cinderella of your own one day. But did you know that some of the flirting techniques that we learned from those movies tend to work well in real life? See for yourself below.

1. A flip of the hair can be a powerful thing.

There’s something about flipping one’s hair that’s surprising and attractive at the same time. It’s like teasing someone without words.

2. Be a little playful.

Aladdin reminds us that being too serious will make one seem boring. Being playful, however, can help bring you and the object of your affection closer together.

3. Dancing is an aphrodisiac for many people.

Obviously, Disney didn’t invent dancing, but they certainly pointed out with regularity that it often ends in a kiss.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of winking.

The eyes can speak a lot of emotions. Winking can be a very effective method of communicating them in a playul way.

5. Eat physically close to each other.

Sharing a meal together can be extra romantic when you sit close to each other. It’ll be easier to whisper compliments to your date or share a private joke. It can also open up the window for that all important first kiss.

6. Sing a song.

Whether you have a voice that can make people swoon, or you just sing a silly rendition of a song to be playful, it can be effective as a flirting method.

7. Be brave.

Many men and women alike are impressed with those who’re not afraid to do what most don’t have the courage to. Just remember to try not to cross the line from bravery over into foolishness.

8. Use body language to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to use gestures or a brief touch here and there. Body language can be one of the most effective ways to show someone that you’re interested.

9. Use plenty of eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact during conversation lets the other person know that you’re interested in what they’re saying, and if you’re not making eye contact when you’re doing the talking, you’re robbing them of the chance to show you that interest in return.

10. Put those eyelashes and pouty lips to work.

No need to take a photo of it though. Social media already has more than enough selfies featuring the duckface pose.

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Be sure to try some of these flirting techniques the next time you want to woo someone. Who knows? Perhaps that person will end up being your prince or princess.