12 Of The Most Hilarious Dad Moments Of 2016

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Dads are definitely a puzzle. Sometimes they can be cool and incredibly funny without being aware, totally weird and embarrassing, or they can be an unexpected voice of reason during difficult times. Thanks to a mixture of strange and inspirational, the dads of the world have graced us with some of the most hilarious stories and downright terrible jokes. While these ‘dad jokes’ may be extremely corny and a bit cringe-worthy, it’s hard to deny the fact that we actually really love them.

As we settle into the new year, check out these 12 hilarious dads from 2016!

1. The dad who saw a live auto-birth.

2.This dad paying his last respects to his loved ones.

3. The dad who got a little intense.

4. This very supportive dad.

5. This dad who tried to help arrange the groceries in the cupboard.

6. This very cool dad.

7. The dad who is definitely in-the-know.

8. The dad who apologetically roasted his son.

9. This dad who is very protective.

10. This disciplinarian dad.

11. The dad who is a pro at turning things on.

12. This dad who might take action movies a little too realistically.

(via BuzzFeed)

Do these dads make your sides hurt from laughing too hard? If so, get ready for 2017 and the hilarious puns and stories that dads everywhere are sure to tell. After all, there are plenty more terrible jokes out there!