13 Comic Strips That Every Bookworm Can Relate To

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Books are companions that you can always bring along with you, wherever you’re going. And now with e-readers and other tablets combined with downloadable books, you can have hundreds or potentially even thousands of books with you any time you wish.

Whether your preference is for physical books or digital books, there’s a lot to love about reading. And below, you’ll find some very relatable and funny comics from Introvert Doodles on loving books and being a bookworm.

Your books are more precious than your own health.

On eBooks vs. paper books.

Not totally getting over a good read.

The problem with sequels.

Books can take you to places without leaving the comfort of your own bed.

Bookworm dilemma.

Reading and time management.

On reading too many books.

Tips for choosing a book.

Feeling sorry for a very old book.

On being a quitter…

A love affair

How you honestly feel about weekends.

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If you can relate to most of these, you’re probably a certified book lover. If you enjoyed this, share it with the other book lovers in your life!