You’ll Absolutely Be Blown Away By What He’s Done To Help The Homeless

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Homeless individuals face all kinds of struggles everyday. In addition to not having a roof over their heads or a job that can help them buy food for themselves, they spend their days in the streets begging or staying in shelters where they can get a free meal. On a good day, they receive assistance like free supplies from charities or private individuals such as clothes and toiletries. However, they don’t exactly have a place to shower and groom themselves which is why this guy thought of a very clever idea by turning his truck into a mobile shower for the homeless.

Jake Austin is an active volunteer who has helped the homeless in St. Louis, Missouri for years.


Shower to the People 

He’d been giving soaps and other toiletries to the homeless but found out that these supplies were useless because they don’t have a place where they can shower and freshen up.

Austin then came up with Shower to the People.


Shower to the People 

He bought a used truck for $5000 and started a GoFundMe campaign to help transform it into a mobile shower.

Inside the truck are two shower stalls, sinks, and mirrors.


Shower to the People 

It travels all over the city and provides free shower to over 60 homeless individuals.


Shower to the People 

The truck has an external generator for heating and connects to fire hydrants for its water supply.


Shower to the People 

Shower to the People has a social enterprise too called Raise the Bar.


Shower to the People 

Raise the Bar uses volunteers who were once homeless themselves in making soaps which they give out to those in need or sell in fundraising activities.

Thanks to Austin, the homeless will now experience the luxury of having a shower, free of charge.


Shower to the People 

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Jake Austin’s Shower to the People is changing the lives of many homeless individuals. His project provides them with all the supplies they need to look and smell presentable and at the same time restore their dignity.