This Big Sis Used A Creative Way To Deal With Her Little Sister’s Bullies

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Bullying is too common, especially among kids. Bullies enjoy hurting other children physically or by teasing them, stealing their food or money, or making them feel left out. It can cause trauma and other psychological problems among children. When this 12-year-old girl found out that her little sister was being bullied, she took action in the most creative way possible.

When 12-year-old Ava discovered that her little sister was being bullied, she made this invitation.



This is not your ordinary invitation though. Inside you’ll find a message that will make you run and hide.

She used the invite to inform her sister’s bullies to stop being jerks.



She told them when, where, what to bring and why. She even threatened them in case they couldn’t “make it”.

She also added the word “stop” written in twenty different languages.



Can you get any cooler than that?

(via BoredPanda )

Ava is one of the coolest big sisters out there who lives up to her role as protector of her younger siblings. After this, no one will ever want to bother her little sis.