This Cat Lady And Her 12 Cats Will Satisfy Your Daily Dose of Cuteness

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A woman in Japan who rescued a kitten literally out of the street who was “dirty and freezing” soon decided to adopt two more. Now that they’ve had a litter of kittens, she has 12 gorgeous chinchilla Persian cats in all.

Having a cat or two is already a big responsibility but having 12 of them makes you a certified cat lady. She says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her because she’s happy. Luckily, all of the cats are spayed and neutered, so it seems 12 cats will be enough for now.

This self-described “full-time cat mom” in Japan has 12 cats.

Her cats are chinchilla Persians.

It started when they met their first cat which they named Yuki.

They found her in the middle of the road and took her home.

They decided to get two more cats and adopted two chinchilla Persians.

The other nine cats came from the same litter.

All 12 cats have been spayed and neutered.

They love the camera, and the camera loves them.

Their owner says she waves their favorite toy in front of the camera to get their attention.



She will then call the names of those who’re not looking at the camera.



She has absolutely spoiled her kittens.



But they appear very disciplined.

This cat lady loves to photograph her babies.

They’re literally all over the place.

They’re taking Instagram by storm with over 268,000 followers.

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If you’d like to see more and are interested in following them, you can find their Instagram page here.