This Cat’s Guilty Expression After Being Caught Trying To Steal A Cinnamon Roll Will Make You LOL

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Do you have cats at home? If yes, then you’re very familiar with their ways and how they can be little brats sometimes. They’re often playful as well as mischievous. Cats are also full of surprises as Sophia Lindner found out from their six-year-old cat, Percy.

Meet Sophia Lindner and her cat, Percy.

Sophia Lindner

Percy is very mischievous and often up to no good.

He especially enjoys stealing human food.

Sophia Lindner

On Christmas morning, the family made cinnamon rolls and Lindner strictly told Percy not to steal them.

Percy didn’t listen and was busted trying to get to them.

Sophia Lindner

His guilty expression was priceless.

Lindner posted the photos on her Twitter account, and they went viral.

People thought it was very funny.

Others shared photos of their cats stealing.

Percy ran off before Lindner could scold him.

Sophia Lindner

She said people loved Percy’s photo because of that genuine guilt all over his face.

Sophia Lindner

(via BuzzFeed  )

Percy is just like many other cats out there. You’ll never guess what their next move is but one thing’s for sure. They’re often up to no good, so always brace yourself for unexpected things to happen as long as cats around.