Her Engagement Ended But She Decided To Go Ahead With Her Disney Engagement PhotoShoot

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Instead of waiting until the wedding to do the usual wedding photoshoot, it has become popular to do an engagement photoshoot after becoming engaged. Brooke Lowry had long dreamed of having an engagement shoot at Disneyland, shot in a “vintage 1950s” style.

When that dream came into reality, one thing was missing- her fiance. They broke up before the shoot, but Brooke bravely decided to go on with the shoot without a prince. Asked why she decided to proceed with the photoshoot, she cited an admiration for, among other qualities, Disney princesses’ common trait of remaining positive in the midst of tragedy.

Brooke Lowry wanted have her engagement photoshoot in Disneyland with a vintage flair.


DPark Photography / Via dparkphotography.com

Sadly, she and her fiance ended their engagement before the date of the shoot arrived.

She decided to go ahead with the engagement photoshoot by herself.


DPark Photography / Via dparkphotography.com

She was completely heartbroken, but managed to put that aside in order to have the photos taken.

She thought about the Disney princesses and how they tend to remain positive amidst tragedy.

DPark Photography / Via dparkphotography.com

She decided to emulate them and view the shoot as a new beginning. She changed the theme from 1950s vintage to a princess theme.

She says continuing with the shoot on her own made her feel beautiful and empowered, and she was proud she went through with it.


DPark Photography / Via dparkphotography.com

She had to first overcome nervousness and feeling self-conscious.

Now, after seeing her photos, women everywhere are sharing their stories of going through difficult times.


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She says they should “keep going and see the beauty in every day.”

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