This Fashion Artist Uses Extraordinary Items to Illustrate His Gorgeous Creations

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Artistic individuals have different ways of showing off their creativity. With common art mediums like watercolors, acrylic, and charcoal, it is a refreshing change of pace when an artist begins to stray from tradition.

Fashion illustrator Edgar Artis finds his inspiration through everyday objects when designing his dress ideas. Many of his dress designs incorporate things like live flowers or food. Check out his creations using materials such as Nutella, Oreos, pencil shavings and more!

Edgar Artis finds a peculiar artistic use for everyday objects.

Artis uses a variety of fruits to bring his ideas to life.

Sometimes, he uses live flowers.

These designs are literally blooming.


Artis has even used rice, which creates interesting texture.

This fast food creation is sure to make you hungry for more.

This pasta has been transformed into a magnificent gown.

Just like fruit, vegetables have their place in Artis’ illustrations.

This dress design is sculpted out of butter shavings.

Artis’ Nutella dress is messy masterpiece.

Oreo cookies are crumbled into an alluring gown.

Feathers are used to create head-turning looks.


The contrasting colors of these burned matches create a gorgeous gradient.

This sparkling metal piece is eye-catching.

Artis collects his colored pencil shavings to create a very unique look.

Who knew old newspapers would make such intricate gowns?

Thanks to sleek creations such as this, Artis has over 400,000 Instagram followers.

His unique designs are difficult to beet.

(via BoredPanda)

Edgar Artis is a true artistic genius! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on well-known mediums, his use of items from around the house should certainly inspire artists everywhere.