Four Extremely Useful Ways You Can Add More Space To Your Kitchen

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Do you often complain about the lack of storage space in your kitchen or that everything is disorganized and messy? For many of us, it seems like not kitchen is ever big enough. Things get left out on the counter or wedged tightly into a random drawer or cabinet because there’s simply nowhere else for them to go.

The good news is you can add some extra storage space in your kitchen without spending much. All you need are file folders and adhesive tape to get started.

Add extra space in your refrigerator with clear plastic file folders.

Stick a file folder on the inside of a cabinet door for extra space.

Stick a file folder under a cabinet to add more space.

Turn wire file folders into fruit baskets.

Start reorganizing that kitchen with these simple ideas.

Here’s a video for more on file folder kitchen hacks:

File Folder Kitchen Hacks

These file folder kitchen hacks will organize your space!FULL INSTRUCTIONS:

Posted by Goodful on Friday, February 17, 2017

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Who would’ve thought file folders are so useful? Go ahead and share these hacks with your fellow DIY enthusiasts.