Get Hired Faster With These 5 Easy Tips That You Can Use Right Now

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Finding a job is one of the most difficult challenges you can face these days. There are many job seekers out there who, just like you, aspire to find work, especially after graduation. The competition is stiff, so you need to find a way to stand out and get noticed by your prospective employers.

But how exactly do you do that when there are millions of unemployed individuals looking for jobs? Well hopefully this will help you get started. Below are some tips to get hired faster.

1. Write a killer resume AND cover letter


If there’s one thing employers look for it’s a resume that stands out from the stacks of them that have been submitted. You need to make one that’s unique but still showcases your skills and experience. If you really want to stand out and get hired quickly, write an equally solid cover letter to every employer who you submit your resume to. And for heaven’s sake, make sure the resume and cover letter are both free of grammatical errors. Always have a resume with you wherever you go because sometimes a job opportunity comes at the most unexpected place and time.

2. Broaden your job search


Today, most job and career opportunities can be found online using aggregates such as and many of them can be applied to with ease. Many more companies post job vacancies on their own websites and accept online applications. It also helps to ask a friend or relative if there are openings at their workplace you can apply for, and good old-fashioned newspapers still contain some job listings. Get creative. Put on your best suit or dress and hand out resumes and cover letters at places you’d like to work. Don’t wait for a job to fall in your lap. Be proactive.

3. Be gutsy


There’s no room for shy people in this dog-eats-dog world. You should be confident and brave enough to submit your application in person as we mentioned above. You can use the phone to inquire about job vacancies too. This shows you have initiative instead of simply relying on job ads. Be a go-getter.

4. Build an online presence


Everything involves technology nowadays so it helps if you have an online presence. Many job seekers join job portals or post their resume online for clients to check out. Websites like Monster and Indeed allow you to do this, as do premium/pay sites like etc. Just remember to update your information every now and then if you post a resume online.

5. First impressions last


If you’re called in for an interview, it’s imperative that you dress your best. Arrive on time and look as presentable as possible. Remember that you’re there to impress the bosses, so make sure you leave a lasting first impression. Don’t let someone who appeared more professional and put together than you beat you out for the job, and certainly don’t let someone else get the job over you just because you were 5 minutes late.

It hard to find a job nowadays, much less a decent job. The job market is highly competitive, most resumes look the same, and employers get hundreds, if not thousands of them for every job listing. Hopefully, you can land a job faster with the tips above. Good luck!