Their Grandmas Made This One Of The Most Adorable Weddings Ever

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A wedding entourage will never be complete without the presence of cute flower girls who march down the aisle throwing flowers for the bride to walk on. Instead of having the usual children to serve as flower girls, this couple decided to ask their grandmas instead. You won’t believe how adorable they looked at the wedding.

Josh and Maggie Wakefield tied the knot recently, and it was a highly memorable occasion.

grandma_flowergirls_03Ashley Elizabeth

They got married at White Chimneys in Gap, Pennsylvania.

grandma_flowergirls_02Ashley Elizabeth

 Instead of having little girls do it, their grandmas walked down the aisle as their flower girls.

Ashley Elizabeth

Maggie’s grandma, Joyce, is 75 years old and Josh’s grandma, Drue, is 74.

grandma_flowergirls_01Ashley Elizabeth
grandma_flowergirls_04Ashley Elizabeth

Maggie’s dad died of colon cancer in 2013, so she asked her grandpa Ronald to walk her down the aisle.

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This couple’s wedding was made extra special thanks to their grandmas who were their flower girls on their big day. They may be quite old to be flower girls, but they totally nailed it!