They Decided To Give Childrens’ Hospital Gowns A New Look And It’s Incredible

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Don’t you just hate hospitals? They smell of medicines and disinfectants. The beds are uncomfortable, and the worst part is, patients have to wear the same hospital gowns every single day. Being in these gowns make many patients feel bad about themselves because they remind them of their sickness. Thankfully, several designers decided to give hospital gowns a new look and the kids love them to bits.

Hospital gowns aren’t exactly the most comfortable clothes to wear when you’re sick.


But this changed when designers teamed up with a nonprofit organization to make clothes children can wear in hospitals.


Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada teamed up with several fashion designers to create Ward+Robes.


The project is a success because kids love these cool hospital gowns compared to the ordinary ones they’re made to wear.


One child said that “wearing a hospital gown is like being in a hospital” and that there’s nothing good about it.


Another said that when you can’t wear what you want you feel you can’t be yourself and that that you’re just your illness.


The team only wanted to give these kids more self-confidence while wearing their hospital gowns and so far, the’re more than happy with the result.


One of the kids said they feel empowered in these new hospital gowns.


They just launched their project in a hospital in Ontario and they’re hoping to provide more to other hospitals in the area.


Hopefully, they can reach out to other hospitals around the world.


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Ward+Robes inspires many hospitalized kids out there. Giving them the chance to wear a hospital gown that suits their personality helps to lift their spirits.