The Great Idea Behind What This Clothing Company Does For Kids Is Inspiring

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Children are very imaginative. They also love playing with colors and shapes. Why not combine their imagination with their love for drawing and coloring to create a girl’s dress? That’s exactly what one mother did for her daughter. And her daughter’s friends and their parents thought it was such a great idea that she turned it into a business.

Her company lets kids’ creativity run wild by allowing girls to design their own dresses. This concept is the brainchild of Jaimee Newberry. You just print the coloring sheet from their website, let your kid draw on it and color it in, and send them a picture of it. They make a dress out of it and ship it to you in a just a couple of weeks.

Picture This is a clothing company started by Jaimee Newberry.

The idea for it came from sewing a dress drawn by her own daughter.

Her daughters friends saw it and wanted one. Their parents saw it and wanted to get their daughters one. Thus, a business was born.


Anyone who wants to order one can now visit the company’s website.

Here, they can choose their preferred size and print out a sheet for their kids to draw on.

Take a photo of the drawing and send it back to the site.

Your child’s dress will be delivered about two weeks later.

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“Picture This” isn’t just any clothing company. It serves as an avenue for children to express themselves through their own creativity. It also helps boost the morale and confidence of children by making their designs come to life. Plus, it’s just a cool idea!