Thanks To Facebook, This Restaurant Has More Customers Than It’s Had In The Seven Years It’s Been Open

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Starting your own restaurant is very challenging, and stats show that a very high percentage of new restaurants fail. John McMillan started his fish and chips restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada seven years ago, but it has been struggling so bad the last several months that he couldn’t even pay himself. Things took a huge turn for the better though when a fellow Lethbridge resident entered his restaurant one day recently. When Colin Ross entered the restaurant, McMillan was the only one in the establishment. Confused because the place was clean and inviting, Colin inquired as to why there were no customers, and the rest is now a viral story.

This is Colin Ross. He was recently laid off from an oil industry job, but he hasn’t let that stop him from helping others.


Colin Ross

He entered McMillan’s restaurant, Whitbie’s Fish & Chips, one day and was surprised there were no customers, as the place was nice and clean.


Colin Ross

He ordered the halibut special and was completely blown away.


Colin Ross

Ross has a background in marketing and offered to help McMillan but he turned him down. So he did this instead:

So I lived on the west side for few years now coming up the hill from the driveing range I see fish in chips on the wall…

Posted by Colin Ross on Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ross said “I have a big heart and want people to do well.”

About his halibut, he described it as “absolutely amazing “, and he described McMillan as “a gem, real classy stand-up guy. ” He then encouraged everyone in Lethbridge to visit the restaurant.

His post was quickly shared by over 8000 people, and now several hundred people are visiting the restaurant in every day.


Colin Ross

The place is packed, and people are now lining up out the door.


Colin Ross

Whitbie’s became a suddenly huge success and McMillan was interviewed on TV, happy that his dream has finally come true.

And it was all thanks to Ross and his Facebook post.

(via BuzzFeed)

Ross has a heart of gold. His simple act of kindness touched the lives of McMillan and his customers. If more people were like that, it would certainly make the world a better place.