Miss Brazil 2016 Makes History As The Second Black Title Holder In 30 Years

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Brazil is known for having some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty stands out especially in pageants such as Miss Universe. Just recently, Brazil crowned their new pageant queen who made history as the second black Brazilian to hold the title in 30 years.

The last time a woman who identified as black was crowned Miss Brazil, it was Deise Nunes in 1986. This time, a model and college student named Raissa Santana won the prestigious crown. In all, there were six women who identify as black competing in the pageant which is a record, despite the fact that more than half of Brazil’s population identifies as black or multiracial.

Raissa Santana has been crowned Miss Brazil 2016.


@santana_raissa / Via instagram.com

She made history as the second black woman in 30 years to win the crown.


@astridfontenelle / Via instagram.com

She represented Paraná, a state in southern Brazil.

There were five other contestants (of 27 total) in the pageant who identify as black. That’s the most ever.


Sabrina Paiva / Via Facebook: sabrinapaivamisssaopaulo

 Santana was very happy to have represented black beauty and encouraged girls to conquer their dreams.


Instagram: @santana_raissa

Here’s a high definition video of the pageant. Watch some or all of it, or skip to near the end to see Santana being crowned the winner.

(via BuzzFeed)