This Cosplayer’s Hybrid Costume Blew Minds At NY Comic Con

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Cosplay, or the act of wearing a costume and accessories to portray a particular character, is a hobby that is experiencing rapid growth across the world. Cosplay events are being held in more and more parts of the world, and they’re seeing increasing attendance by the most loyal and creative fans of superheroes, anime characters, and more.

New York Comic Con took place earlier this month, and as usual, numerous cosplayers came to grace the occasion. One of them was dressed in a Mystique/William Stryker two for one special which turned a lot of heads and ended up being a favorite among attendees.

Meet Rebecca Lindsay from Hackensack, New Jersey.

She’s a global media prep technician and an avid cosplayer. She wore a few different costumes at New York Comic Con this month.


Rebecca Lindsay

People went crazy, however, over a hybrid costume that she made of Mystique and William Stryker.

She purchased an Army outfit on eBay and a bodysuit on Amazon to make the costume.

Lindsay’s mother apparently sewed her into the costume. The seams were covered with sequins.

Two wigs were sewn together with one having been spray painted red to complete the look.

People noticed the impressive costume instantly when she arrived at Comic Con.

Word spread quickly on social media, and she says she’s never received so many simultaneous notifications on Facebook.

Twitter was lit up over it as well.

She quickly turned into an internet sensation.

(via BuzzFeed)