One School Starts Using Meditation Instead Of Detention And It Is A Huge Success

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In Baltimore, Maryland, detention is a thing of the past at Robert W. Coleman School. Instead, they now have a program called “Holistic Me”. Instead of being sent to a miserable detention room after misbehaving, those children are now sent to the “Mindful Moment Room”. Brightly colored, with plenty of windows, this room is described as an “oasis of calm”.

Upon entering this room, students are taught to practice breathing exercises and meditation. They’re also encouraged to talk with behavioral professionals. The Holistic Life Foundation, a local non-profit, has partnered with the school for this program. In the two years since the school began this program, it has yet to issue any suspensions.

Robert W. Coleman School no longer uses detention.

The Baltimore area school now has a Mindful Moment Room instead.

This room has bright colors and windows contrary to the miserable detention rooms.

It’s part of the school’s program called Holistic Me.

This program teaches children to practice breathing exercises and meditation.

These students are also encouraged to speak with behavioral specialists.

The school hasn’t had to issue a single suspension since this program began.

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Robert W. Coleman School has proven there are better alternatives to detention. Hopefully, other schools will follow their footsteps, as detention has shown to be ineffective.