This Photographer Risks Her Life For Death-Defying Selfies. These Will Make Your Stomach Churn.

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Taking “interesting” selfies that will make your friends and family feel envious seems to be all the rage these days. The world has gone mad over things like Instagram and filters and Snapchat, oh my.

This self-taught photographer and Instagrammer has selfies, however, that will leave you in a state of shock. Angela Nikolau of Russia has made a career out of this sort of thing. Take a look at some of her death-defying selfies, but be warned, they may make your stomach churn.

Meet Angela Nikolau of Russia.

She’s a self-taught photographer.

She’s become very popular on Instagram.

She loves taking selfies, but hers aren’t as vain as most. They focus on each new death-defying scenario she’s put herself in.

One has to wonder what’s going through her head when she takes these far-from-ordinary selfies.