This Pug’s Halloween Dog House Was The Envy Of Many

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Halloween isn’t just for people anymore (was it ever, really?). People aren’t the only ones getting away with wearing absolutely whatever they want on Halloween, but now their pets are as well. And the animals are pulling it off better than most humans.

Fifteen-year-old Mya Martinez didn’t stop at dressing her pet up for Halloween, however. She decided to go all out for her pug, Tyson, as this was his first Halloween. To celebrate, Martinez decorated Tyson’s dog house for the occasion. How’d he react? See for yourself.

This is Mya Martinez and her dog, Tyson.


Mya Martinez

She decorated Tyson’s house for Halloween. It was his first.


Mya Martinez

She says it only took her 20 minutes to add the decorations to the dog house. Tyson was very excited about it.


Mya Martinez

She posted Tyson’s Halloween house to Twitter, and it went viral.

Dog lovers were inspired to do similar things for their pets.

It lifted the spirits of others.

Some couldn’t get over how cute it was.

One person actually turned it into the background on their phone.

(via BuzzFeed)

We suspected Martinez will be the host of her own arts and crafts show one day, and Tyson will be her mascot. You heard that prediction here first.