These Retired Ladies Built A Dream House In The Forest Of A Japanese Mountain Range

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How would you like to spend your retirement? Would you travel around the world and see places you’ve never been to? Spend more time with your family and friends?

Well these two ladies thought of a great way to retire – they decided to have their dream house built in the mountains of Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture, surrounded by forest and wildlife . They had it built by Issei Suma, a Japanese architect who is known for his unique architectural designs. Here’s a look at this house in the woods:

This isn’t just a 3D structure that looks like a tent. It’s actually a house built using squares that overlap.

It’s located in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture mountains.

Two recently-retired women had it built to enjoy their retirement in.

 The top provides a better perspective for viewing  the inter-connecting squares that this is designed on.

The house has a spiral swimming pool.

The design is very minimalist.

It looks so clean, cool, and yet cozy at the same time.

It has a fairly spacious kitchen and dining area, but the tall ceilings make it feel even more open.

The two ladies live here with a cook and caretaker.

It’s home sweet home in the forest.

(via BoredPanda)

There would certainly be no shortage of peace and quiet out there. This house just looks awesome. We want one.