She Was Having Her Senior Pics Taken When THIS Happened…Epic Photobomb

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You only get to be a high school senior once (most people anyway), so why not make the most of it, right? There are many things to look forward to such as the prom and the highly anticipated graduation.

In order to make her senior year extra special, 17-year-old Jillian of Eugene, Oregon decided to have a photoshoot done. She hired photographer Elena Nesbit to take her photos. The setting was Willamette River. The shoot was going just as planned until a naked man with his dog entered the scene.

Jillian wanted to do a photoshoot to capture her senior pictures.


Jillian Henry

She hired a photographer to take her photos at Willamette River.

Elena Nesbit

While they were doing the shoot, a naked man and his dog got into the water just behind her.

She was surprised but according to her it’s not exactly an unusual sight in Eugene.


Elena Nesbit

She tweeted what happened and her post went viral.

Hilarious reactions came pouring in.

Many laughed at how funny it was.

Meanwhile, others praised the photobomber for being comfortable in his own skin.

(via BuzzFeed)

Jillian’s senior photo shoot may not be perfect, but it has become a hit across the internet. Thanks to her naked photobomber, her tweet has gone viral with more than 43,000 retweets. She said:

It’s crazy having a tweet go viral, like I had to turn my notifications off. I never expected it to get this big.