This Single Mom Dressed As Dad For A Day And Her Reason Will Warm Your Heart

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It’s tough being a single parent. They have to raise and provide for their child or children all on their own. Single parents often have to play the roles of both mother and father.

If there’s a single mom out there who knows exactly what it’s like to play both the mother and the father, it has to be Yevette Vasquez from Texas. It was “Donuts with Dad” day at school, and she didn’t want her son to feel left out. What this single mom did next will absolutely warm your heart.

It was Donuts with Dad day at Yevette’s son’s school.

When Yevette dropped her son, Elijah, off at school she noticed there were a lot more cars in the parking lot than usual. After coaxing her son, he finally admitted that it was because the school was hosting an event where kids were eating breakfast with their dads. Yevette didn’t want Elijah to miss out this, so they quickly returned home for Yevette to change clothes.

She transformed herself into a “dad”.

She changed into a plaid shirt and black pants with a wallet chain, and she put on a fake mustache. She also wore a baseball hat and splashed on a little cologne.

She and her son returned to school and had the best “Donuts with Dad” day ever.

She posted the whole experience on Facebook where she got tons of support. Single parents all over the country were thanking her for what she did for her son.

She has gained a lot of admiration for what she did.

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Vasquez is one of many single moms out there who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their children happy. She was nervous dressing up as “dad” but it was a decision she never regretted, and good for her. It was brave, and surely Elijah will appreciate it forever.