“Starbucks Uncle” Is The Internet Hero We Need Today

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A couple of weeks ago, the city of Hong Kong was experiencing severe weather conditions. Super Typhoon Haima was about to hit them, and they were already seeing torrential rains. In many instances, flash flooding was causing streets to become flooded.

This, of course, meant that buildings were flooding as well. While some people panicked in the midst of all of this, one elderly gentleman was a cool as a cucumber. As the shopping center that he was in began to flood, “Starbucks Uncle”, as the internet chose to affectionately nickname him, remained right where he was – at a Starbucks table – reading his newspaper and drinking his coffee.

Hong Kong recently experienced  very heavy rainfall due to Super Typhoon Haima.


Tengku Bahar / AFP / Getty Images

As Hong Kong’s Chai Wan district flooded, this elderly gentleman remained calm.

He just hung out and continued to read the newspaper and drink his coffee.

He has been affectionately nicknamed “Starbucks Uncle” by social media users in China.

He was later joined by a guy with headphones who apparently decided that Starbucks Uncle had the right idea.

People were inspired to photoshop their photo and turn it into memes.

Check out that wave!

Here’s a made to look like a scene from Titanic.

Whoever made this should probably hone their skills a bit.

Pretty sure that’s not a Chinese boat.

Here’s an epic scene.

Starbucks Uncle went viral and graced the front page of Reddit.

(via BuzzFeed)

Photographer Kristy Chan captured this moment without any intention at all to make Starbucks Uncle viral. She said she only took pictures to show her family how terrible the flooding was in the area.