Taiyaki Ice Cream Is Taking NYC By Storm

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Are you a sucker for ice cream? In Japan, Taiyaki is a favorite type of cake that’s made from using either waffle batter or pancake batter, and it has a sweet red bean paste in the middle. A new store in Chinatown called Taiyaki NYC has now borrowed from that idea to create a new kind of ice cream cone.

Taiyaki NYC serves up ice cream in a fish-shaped taiyaki cones which contain either a red bean filling or a custard filling. Whether it’s because of the fish design or the flavor, we’re not sure, but New Yorkers apparently can’t get enough of these interesting new cones.

Taiyaki is a Japanese cake made of waffle or pancake batter which has a sweet red been paste filling.

A restaurant in Chinatown called Taiyaki NYC has turned it into an ice cream cone.

It’s a new and interesting alternative to the ordinary ice cream cone.

The tail has a filling which can be red bean or custard.

It’s the coolest new way of eating ice cream, and New Yorkers are eating it up both literally and figuratively.

(via BoredPanda)

It’s always nice to have a fun new way to eat something delicious. No wonder ice cream fans all over NYC can’t get enough of it.