This Chinese Swimmer Is The Most ADORKABLE Olympian You’ll Ever See

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One swimmer from China has become an internet sensation thanks to her reactions in Rio. Of course, 20 year old Fu Yuanhui is just being herself. She didn’t realize on Sunday after the 100m backstroke semi-finals that she’d made it to the finals, that is, until a reporter told her. Her reaction was so genuine and sincere that it went viral almost immediately and has now been the root of countless memes.

The following night, she was unable to contain her joy when being interviewed by the same journalist after winning the bronze medal in the finals, and she had a similar reaction. Her genuine excitability and youthful exuberance have won her millions of hearts all over the world.

Fu Yuanhui is a 20-year-old Olympic swimmer from China.

She didn’t even know she would be competing in the finals until she was informed by a reporter.

The following day she won the bronze medal and as usual, she didn’t fail at expressing her joy.

She’s reacted similarly before. Here she is during the 2015 FINA World Championships.

She loves to express herself.

Even when she hurts herself, she’s very expressive.

She must be one of the most lighthearted competitors at the Rio Olympics.

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Yuanhui proves you only have to be yourself for everybody to appreciate who you are. She’s proud of who she is and isn’t shy about displaying what she’s feeling. Jump on the bandwagon and share her story, and let’s continue to grow her celebrity.