She Used THIS Hack For Her Beauty Tutorial And It Looked Fab

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Running your own YouTube beauty channel seriously, requires a lot of dedication, hard work, creativity, and in some cases, money. There are thousands of beauty enthusiasts operating their own YouTube channels, and in order to stand out, you have to be unique and stylish.

Kenya Fuentes from Texas has her own beauty channel on YouTube. She loves sharing her makeup tips and tricks. However, she doesn’t have the budget to take fancy photos like you would normally see on other beauty channels. To make up for this, she gets extra creative.

Fuentes, 20, is a college student who has a beauty channel on YouTube.


Kenya Fuentes

She specializes in makeup tutorials.


Kenya Fuentes

The problem is she can’t afford expensive props for photos.


Kenya Fuentes

Thankfully, she has her cat Finny who is more than happy to help out.


Kenya Fuentes

In this case, she was content to serve as a rug.


Kenya Fuentes

Fuentes posted about her very practical hack and people loved it.


Kenya Fuentes

Who would’ve thought that wasn’t a white rug?

They loved the idea and the cat.

Some considered imitating it.

Hopefully, their cats are as patient as Finny.

(via BuzzFeed)

What can we say? Sometimes cats are more than just companions.