Voted #1 Best City In The Country and BEST CITY IN THE WORLD

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It’s really not the intention of BoredWon to continue posting news about local happenings, as that’s not the intention of this site, but considering the story is in a national publication, it’s not exactly local news anyway. With BoredWon being based in Charleston, SC, well frankly, some bragging is in order. After several consecutive years of being ranked among the top 3 and top 5 for multiple categories by Travel+Leisure magazine, including #1 for best city 4 years running…

Charleston is not only taking home the award for Best City in the Country again this year, it has now ranked #1 for the Best City in the World!



Being that Charleston is his hometown, Stephen Colbert also felt compelled to brag about it on The Late Show!

Stephen Colbert on His Close Ties to the World’s Best City

Get excited: The results of 2016 World’s Best Awards are in. It’s not hard to make a personal connection with a destination spa, hotel, airline, or city that made its way to the top of one of the many lists – after all, they are the places you, our readers, voted on being the best of the best.

What’s more is the publication also ranked Charleston’s own Spectator Hotel the #1 Hotel in the Continental US and the #2 Hotel in the World.

Things like this sure make you feel incredibly proud of your city. Congrats Spectator Hotel and congrats Charleston!

(via Travel+Leisure)