The World’s First Art Exhibition For Dogs Just Opened, And It Looks AWESOME

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A new art exhibition just opened in London, and it’s meant exclusively for dogs. It is the first in the world of its kind. The exhibition was created by Dominic Wilcox and is designed to stimulate and inspire dogs mentally, emotionally, and physically, bringing a whole new definition to the saying “art is for everyone”.

Wilcox emphasizes the importance of “play” to a dog’s mental and physical well-being, and his hope is that the artwork will excite dogs for that purpose. Check out the photos from his exhibition below. If you happen to be one of our many visitors from the London area, take your dog, if you have one, to the exhibition, and let us know how he or she reacted!

In London, Dominic Wilcox has created the world’s first art exhibition for dogs.

According to him, the exhibition can inspire and stimulate dogs.

This exhibition is part of the “Play More” campaign spearheaded by More Than which hopes to motivate people to spend more time playing with their pets.

There’s a simulation of looking through a car window. Of course, right?

The interactive area has a ball pit for dogs that was created to look like a bowl of dog food.

(via LifeBuzz)

Who would’ve thought that an exhibition like this could be created for dogs? It’s sure to offer much delight to the furry friends who get to experience it.

For more, here’s some video footage of the exhibition.