7 Super Easy Makeup Hacks To Try Today

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Many women are crazy over their makeup. They buy all kinds of products from lipsticks to foundations. For some, it has even turned into an obsession. However, not all women are pros when it comes to actually applying that makeup.

How do you find your ideal foundation shade, or what if you can’t master contouring? These are just some of the numerous concerns of women when it comes to putting makeup on. Fortunately, these makeup hacks are so easy and effective that they’re worthy of trying today. See the difference.

1. When contouring is not for you, try strobing.

2. Matte your face (video at bottom)


Wayne Goss/ YouTube

3. Want to find the perfect foundation for you? Know your undertone with this:

4. Here’s the order in which you should apply eye makeup:

5. Get your money’s worth by cutting tubes open and emptying the contents into a container.


/u/diablocat / Via reddit.com

6. Mini brushes to the rescue.

7. Create different looks for your eyelashes by simply using different brush positions when you apply your mascara.

Here’s the video we mentioned above:

(via Buzzfeed)

These hacks are easy and yet so effective. You don’t need to be a makeup genius at all to learn and apply them in your daily life.