You’ll Be Blown Away By The Beautiful, 3D Gift He MADE From These 3 Boards

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It’s amazing what a skilled artisans are capable of. Imgur user ztrobbins recently decided to take on a very difficult woodworking project. What made it so difficult? Well for starters, he crafted it to give the illusion of having a 3D surface.

It was his first time attempting this, and it turned out magnificently. Good thing too, since it was a birthday present. Check out the pictorial below to see what he made.


He began by visiting the lumber yard for materials.



He selected the boards he wanted, and shelled out $80 for them.



He then cut and milled them, rip cut them, and flipped them to expose the edge grain.



Next, he glued together the panels he’d crafted.


He then ripped the panels at exactly a 60 degree angle, squared them up, and cut off the angled edge.



The next step was to glue them together.


They were then cross cut to 1.75 inches and laid out with the end grain up.



Every other piece was then flipped 180 degrees across the X axis to make cubes.



This woodworker then flattened and sanded it, chamfered it around the edges, and sealed it with 4 coats of mineral oil.



It was then finished with a coat of diluted bee’s wax.



The final product is a beautiful cutting board with a 3D surface.



Here are 2 closeups where you can see the grains forming the 3D effect, and a closeup of the side.



The cutting board was then wrapped and presented.

(via imgur)

Now do it yourself minded woodworkers everywhere are probably going to try to copy this attractive DIY cutting board. Who can blame them? We’re totally jealous.