Photos Of Young Justin Trudeau Will Have You Swooning Over Him

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Being a leader of a country means you’re always on the spotlight. But when you also have dashing good looks, well you become an instant celebrity. Just ask Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’s not only a leader, but women worldwide have deemed him one of the most handsome politicians in the world.

He has a very good record as Prime Minister, and he has swept women off their feet internationally. But how did he look like when he was younger? Below are some pics of young Trudeau. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

This is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

He had always been this handsome.

Some think young Trudeau looks like young Richard Gere.

Some had other thoughts.

People can’t get over him.

That’s A.C. Slater.

Twitter can’t get enough.

(via BuzzFeed)